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Trump the War President Dips His Toe Into Syria

WASHINGTON D.C.- USA - War is coming, not only for Syria, but for others too. The Trump has been awakened...

Espionage: Chinese Infiltration of U.S. Robotics All Encompassing

BEIJING - China - The Chinese military have blatantly stolen designs and plans from American weapons research facilities as well as DARPA.

Donald Trump: “I’m Going to Grab the World By the P*ssy!”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Donald Trump has won the presidency and he will now bide his time in making his agenda known.

Presidential Debate: Trump Falls at the Podium

NEW YORK - USA - Presidential candidate, Donald Trump has fallen at the first hurdle during the first debate with Hillary Clinton.

It’s Official: YouTube Unrolls Soviet Stasi Censorship Snitch Program

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib found out what it is like to be censored for politically sensitive stuff in 2013 when our site was nearly erased from the internet, and our YouTube channel limited, delisted.

Huge Sinkhole in China Swallows At Least 347,000 People

HENAN - China - A huge sinkhole opened up on Wednesday, swallowing a section of road and passers-by and leaving at least 347,000 people missing.

European Army: The Ultimate EU Goal is to Take Russia

LONDON - England - As the German EU army has now effectively taken over the Dutch army, there are serious concerns for global security especially relating to Russia.

China: Commies Are Useless at Economics

BEIJING - China - The Communist state meddling with the country's economy and the heavy controls on trading, as well as economic fiscal controls amounts to daily 7% drops in the value of China's stock market.

Bike Riding in China Good Fitness Guide

BEIJING - China - There are many ways to stay fit in China and bike riding is increasingly becoming popular amongst the Chinese.

China Thinks It Could Win War Against West

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The misguided Chinese have been updating their military for some years now, and the cheap plastic junked up trinkets they sell to the West is funding their aspirations for war, but will simply pouring trillions into armaments do anything?