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Theresa May: Snap Election Could Go Crackle and Pop

LONDON - England - British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has called for an early General Election in June.

Nicola Sturgeon Gives Birth After Sudden Pregnancy

THE HIGHLANDS - Scotland - According to SNP aides on a recent field trip to Loch Ruthven, which lies 2.3 km south east of Loch Ness, Nicola Sturgeon rushed into the water at great speed, lifted her skirt and immediately gave birth.

Communist Remoaners Have a Go at Sir Michael Caine

LONDON - England - According to media reports, Sir Michael Caine has been harangued by Remoaners on Twitter.

History is Made – Theresa May Finally Triggers Article 50

LONDON – England – Britain’s Prime Minister, Theresa May has finally triggered Article 50 to leave the EU.

Juncker: “If Britain No Pay Brexit 50 Billion Leaving Tax, EU...

BRUSSELS – Belgium – The off the wall vindictive cognac swilling leader of the EU, Jean Claude Juncker has threatened Britain with war if it does not pay the £50 Billion Brexit tax conjured up by the fascist pseudo soviet bloc to punish the UK on its exit.

BREXIT: The EU’s Cash Cow is Set to Sail the Open...

LONDON – England – Do not be easily pleased by the Lords and House of Commons finally passing the Brexit papers, there is a long road ahead to leave the EU.

Britain to Hold Referendum on Whether to Keep Scotland

LONDON – England – Theresa May, Britain’s Brexiteering PM has vowed to give England and Wales a referendum on whether to keep Scotland.

Sacked Heseltine Back to Strangling Dogs

LONDON – England – The EU communist loving Lord Heseltine, a failure at many things, including become PM, has been sacked by the Conservatives for leading a rebellion to thwart Brexit in the House of Lords.

House of Lords to be Made into Art Gallery

LONDON – England – After a number of calls to cull the outdated House of Lords and multiple petitions, the government is considering making the Lords an art gallery showing both classical and contemporary works of art.

Remainers Sajid Javid and Hammond Behind Business Rates Rise

LONDON - England - The staunch Remainers, Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, and Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, are behind the massive hike in business rates.