Kim Jong-un: Laughing Stock of Asia? Not Me

kim jong-un

PYONGYANG – N. Korea – North Korean fledgling dictator, Kim Jong-un is not a laughing stock joke according to leaflets dropped across the totalitarian communist country.


According to reports coming from the secretive communist state, the leaflets read:

“Our great leader Kim Jong-un is not funny, eheheh, you must not laugh at the video that is going around across the whole of Asia, woohoohoo. Anyone caught laughing at the little squirt will get put into a prison camp. This is not funny, you can’t laugh, no laughing, waaahhahahah!!!!”

Anyone caught laughing at the video is immediately sent to a gulag and assigned to re-education programs. Some North Koreans have even taken to taping their mouths shut or even worse resorted to stitching.