Lindsay Lohan Joins Paris Hilton in Islam


LOS ANGELES – USA – Lindsay Lohan has embraced the Islamic religion and was photographed carrying a copy of the Koran, on Wednesday

The previously troubled Hollywood starlet, Lindsay Lohan has found solace in Islam much like former socialite Paris Hilton did in 2011.

“I found a profound peace in the Muslim religion because it offers calmness and discipline to the chaos and profound evil of Hollywood. I have sinned, but I found the light of Islam gave me true universal understanding and dignity,” Lohan told reporters outside her home on Tuesday.

Islamic writings and scriptures are travelling through Hollywood-land like wildfire, and many celebrities are converting to a religion which is misunderstood and maligned by the Western mainstream media.

“The Koran is a very powerful book, it invokes elements of universality that other books do not. There is no false idol worship. It is a way of life, and people are dying for it in the Middle East today. You can bomb those people all you want, but you cannot bomb a belief system that is so all-encompassing that it is indestructible. What they are fighting for in the Middle East now is their right to exist as Muslims and they are fighting against what they perceive as the evil that is trying to pollute the world,” one of Lohan’s friends told CBS.

  • dick weasel

    Islam is filth, founded by a child molester and murderer. Only a loser would convert to it. Those born into it are merely enslaved by it. Death to them all.

    • Kamal Hossain

      your name is dick and taking like a dickhead without knowing

      • Jim Halberson

        Your response to his post make your comments no better than his. So much for Islam being the religion of peace ah? up until that point proof was needed…. you failed miserably.

    • Umar Hameed

      May thunder strike nd devastate you in the name of Allah SWT amin.

    • robert morrison

      The founder also had a slave given to him by one of his MANY wives.

    • Snoop

      at least as muslim we respect all religions and we don’t wish die to people i think now you know the different between us

      • dick weasel

        Is that why ISIS is beheading little children for playing soccer. That’s quite some religion.

  • Dan

    Guys look into Sufism. It is a mystical sect of Islam where they love music wine and dance. They only promote love and peace. Unfortunately Sufis are hunted and killed by Jihadis.

    • Clayton Bigsby

      And by Americans!

  • Leena Klammer

    yea, we invaded Iraq over a dozen years ago for oil and to convert Muslims to Christians. Do you blame how they reacting? I’m not condoning bombing of the Jihadist, two wrongs don’t make it right. All i can say is USA started it, and the invasion was supported by Jerry Falwell.

    • Myke Huntz

      Hey Genius, tell us WHY Muslims have been butchering non-Muslims since the 7th Century?

      P.S. American did not exist then – just a hint.

  • Albert8184

    Very interesting. But she is telling the truth about one thing: The liberal-endorsed hedonism of the West is what is provoking Islamofascism to this new tendency toward violence.

    • PrinceHarming


  • trapster

    Good luck to them. Who are we to say otherwise? If one person finds peace there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • HalleG

    Yea, but they still run around naked like w____s.

    • Clayton Bigsby

      I haven’t seen that recently and that was the first thing that came to mind. Still not for me to judge them/

      • HalleG

        Sounds like you are judging me for my comment. Just sayin…. yea, don’t judge….

    • Clayton Bigsby

      I sit corrected. I just saw a pic from this month. Still I don’t judge them. Whatever brings them peace.

  • Izula

    Considering both their pasts, what do they expect would happen if encountered by Muslim men?

  • Ilpalazzo

    Sounds like she needs new friends (Or perhaps the vitriolic hateful population pushed her towards it?)