Wikileaks CIA Hacking Leak Latest

LONDON - England - According to the latest Wikileaks leak, the CIA can see, hear everything you do on your phone, computer or smart TV. Is this some sort of new revelation? Surely not? ... Full story
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Why Your Words Do Not Mean Anything Any More

NOOSPHERE - The internet is full of words, billions, trillions, gazillions of words all ordered somehow into what the authors of these words think is important. ... Full story
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Global Domination: Facebook Developing Mind-Reading Device

MENLO PARK - USA - The octopus grip of Facebook already has its tentacles deeply entrenched in the world's population, however that's not good enough for Mark Zuckerberg, he wants to go further, he wants to dominate your mind completely. ... Full story

Home Surveillance: Alexa Amazon Echo Leads the Way

LONDON - England - Everyone loves a gadget but having something in your home all day and all night recording your conversations are the next step in surveillance of individuals in the privacy of their own homes. ... Full story

Espionage: Chinese Infiltration of U.S. Robotics All Encompassing

BEIJING - China - The Chinese military have blatantly stolen designs and plans from American weapons research facilities as well as DARPA. ... Full story
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When They Switch the Chip On You Won’t Know Who You Are Anymore

LOS ALAMOS - USA - The immersive qualities of Virtual Reality are only just being rolled out right now, but in a few years every household will have multiple head sets, eventually progressing to mind chips. ... Full story

It’s Official: YouTube Unrolls Soviet Stasi Censorship Snitch Program

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib found out what it is like to be censored for politically sensitive stuff in 2013 when our site was nearly erased from the internet, and our YouTube channel limited, delisted. ... Full story
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New iPhone 7 Passes Booze Test

LONDON - England - We decided to give the new Apple iPhone 7 a serious test in its waterproofing abilities on a wild night out on the town. ... Full story

EU to Make Every Internet User Have Mandatory Government ID

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Every citizen of the EU who uses the internet will be forced to have a trackable government ID number under new DSM plans from the European Union. ... Full story
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Why VR Zombies Are Next Step in Population Control

PALO ALTO - USA - Virtual Reality is the gateway to internal brain chipping and will revolutionise all forms of human activity a CEO for a tech firm reveals. ... Full story
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