Remainers Sajid Javid and Hammond Behind Business Rates Rise

LONDON - England - The staunch Remainers, Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, and Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, are behind the massive hike in business rates. ... Full story

Want to Get Into Cryptocurrency? BurstCoin is the Way Forward

LONDON - England - Burstcoin is the super easy to mine, green, efficient cryptocurrency that is taking the crypto world by storm. Now is the time to get into it. ... Full story

Angry Bank Robbers Come Away Empty Handed After Deutsche Bank Raid

HAMBURG - Germany - Bank robbers hoping for a lucrative robbery were shocked to find nothing at the main branch of Deutsche bank. ... Full story

Worse Than 2008: Dumping the Deutsche

FRANKFURT - Germany - The ominous signs are afoot, a black moon, x-factor back on the telly and a never ending Brexit that is full of promises with no action. ... Full story

The Strangest Things Found On Storage Wars

LONDON - England - You'd be surprised at the strangest stuff that can be found in storage units around the globe. ... Full story
Nasty piece of work Margrethe Vestager

Apple Welcome in UK NOT in EU

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Downing Street has stated that Britain would “welcome” Apple to the UK after the European Commission said the company should pay €13bn (£11bn) in unpaid taxes to the Irish state ... Full story
young turks vs infowars

HOT: Were You at the RNC Young Turks Infowars Roast?

CLEVELAND - USA - American internet based news thuggery got off to a wonderful poignant start yesterday when two rivals met. ... Full story

Scots Cannot Have Another Referendum to Split UK

GLASGOW - Scotland - Nicola Sturgeon's empty threats of a second Scottish Referendum are not only illegal, but would plunge the country into deep economic malaise. ... Full story

German Industry Calls for Free Trade Deal if We Vote Leave Tomorrow

BERLIN - Germany - The Chief Executive and Director General of the BDI, Markus Kerber, has called for continued free trade if the UK leaves the EU. ... Full story

The TUC and the EEF Have Been Consistently Wrong About the EU

LONDON - England - The EEF's and TUC's claims about the European Union are completely ridiculous and misguided. ... Full story
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